Building library (before 0.11)

Before version 0.11 library was built with autotools.

Building Release

The released sources contain a complete set of scripts that can build the library from scratch without any additional tools like autoconf/automake.

Usual call sequence:

  • sh configure [--with-boost=alternative-path-to-boost] [--with-boost-unit-test-framework] [--disable-docs]
  • make

Building Trunk

The library can also be built from a source repository snapshot.


  • Autoconf >= 2.59
  • Automake >= 1.9
  • Libtool

Snapshots do not contain the autoconf/automake infrastructure, so it will need to be re-established:

  • autoreconf --install

Then follow the identical corresponding steps from the previous section:

  • sh configure [--with-boost=alternative-path-to-boost] [--with-boost-unit-test-framework] [--disable-docs]
  • make

Building Tests

Library tests are not built by default. To do so, run the configure script with the --with-unit-test-framework option and then use the make check command, which builds binaries into the tests/ directory.

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